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New student party at SBE

New student party at SBE

Photographer:Fotograaf: UM

MAASTRICHT. Totalling 44, more lists than ever before have been submitted for the university elections, to be held from 15 to 18 May. This means that employees and students have a wide choice. A new student party has actually been set up at the School of Business and Economics: WE R SBE. The party advocates better preparation for the labour market, a stronger community feeling, and more communication and collaboration between faculties. The latter to be achieved in particular by the fraction in the University Council: WE R UM.

Study association Ouranos makes a comeback after having been absent for a few years, both in the faculty council and the University Council. Ouranos wants to introduce a new form of student representation, in which study associations are given more influence on policies.

As far as academic staff is concerned, SBE jumps out by presenting no fewer than five lists. Some employees, but also the new student party, refer to the strategic innovations that the school is currently implementing. The same applies to WE R SBE, who wants to ensure the students' voice will be heard throughout these changes.

Four new academic staff lists have also been submitted at FASoS, including the Constructivists. A word play, says Govert Valkenburg, researcher at the department of Technology and Society Studies. “Constructivism refers to a way of scientific thinking. Yet at the same time, we want to offer constructive ideas to the faculty. Those who want to throw as many spanners in the works of the board have come to the wrong place if they look at us.”

The University Council has four academic staff lists this year, three of which were submitted by individuals. The only one who has amplified his ideas, is Law lecturer Augustin Parise, from Global Inclusion list. Parise, who was born in Argentina, wants to offer a ‘global perspective’ to the University Council. Exactly what that means, we will have to wait and see.

As usual, there is little choice for support staff. In most faculty councils, the number of candidates is equal to the number of lists, the only exception being the Faculty of Humanities and Sciences, where two lists have been submitted. There are no elections for the Employees' Councils this year.

The outcome of the elections will be published next Friday at 16:00hrs. in the Kruithuis.



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