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Getting inspired by Frida Kahlo, Dorothee Parker and microscopic slides

Getting inspired by Frida Kahlo, Dorothee Parker and microscopic slides

Photographer:Fotograaf: Katherine Bassil

Home Sweet Home

Name: Catalina Dutta, first year Research Master in Cognitive and Clinical Neuroscience (track Fundamental Neuroscience)

Room size: 18 m2 (terrace: 10 m2)

Monthly rent: 580 euros

Frida Kahlo is omnipresent in Catalina Dutta’s (most commonly known as Cee) room. Little reminders of this famous empowering Mexican artist lie on Dutta's nightstand, desk and walls. “I think she was a really strong woman and I particularly love her art and writing, especially her collection of letters! The way she is highly expressive of her feelings and emotions speaks to me. I also appreciate her honesty in her work. What fascinates me most is that despite being in pain most of her life, she was still able to transform her suffering into something aesthetic and beautiful and that is how I hope to deal with life as well."

Dutta lives in a house located two minutes away from the city centre with seven other students. There is one thing she regrets about the house’s location though, “I thought living next to the city centre would be ideal, but I never thought I wouldn’t go out as often as I thought I would.” However, she is grateful to have a nice spacious terrace accompanying her room, to enjoy a book and cigarette every now and then under the brief passages of the Maastricht sun. Once a week, Dutta is responsible for cooking dinner for all her roommates, which she describes as fun and pleasureful…except when she is overwhelmed with studies. And despite all the heavy load of work, Dutta always makes time to meet up with her friends in the city for a good beer…or two!

“Once when I was young and true someone left me sad, broke my little heart in two and that is very bad. Love is for unlucky folk, love is but a curse. Once there was a heart I broke, and that I think is worse.” is a poem Dutta recited of one of her favourite poets Dorothee Parker. She leaves it lying next to the picture of her grandparents who she proudly states have been together for 51 years. A kind of love Dutta highly looks up to.

Dutta enjoys reading several books at once, which she keeps aligned in front of her window. She reads a wide variety of genres, from scientific books to novels and poetry. Among the artistic atmosphere in her room, she keeps microscopic slides of the work she conducts in the university’s laboratory, in beautiful frames to keep her motivation of becoming a successful neuroscientist, alive.

Katherine Bassil



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