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Easy like Sunday morning

Easy like Sunday morning

Photographer:Fotograaf: Hannah Brandt

Home Sweet Home

Name: Almuth Rosenow, 23, second year Master student  Mental Health
Size of her room: 20 square meters
Rent: 350€
Area: Close to the river Maas and the central station

Sunday morning seems to suit Almuth Rosenow, masterstudent Mental Health. She looks comfortable and at ease while she makes breakfast in the also very relaxed atmosphere of her room. It’s quiet, light-flooded and closely located to the river Maas, filled with buff, kempt furniture.

Originally from the sleepy Rügen, a small island in the Baltic Sea in the north-east of Germany, she is enjoying Maastricht which offers so many more opportunities. “Still, I internalized the silence of Rügen as well as the predilection for spending time with friends intensively, to read and to knit. I cannot fully understand the desire of so many young people to travel all the time.”

She is a calm girl, very friendly and empathetic. Rosenow points to a shelf in the corner of her room where she places all her knitting, arranged in diverse colour combinations. “My mother taught me how to knit and it really became an important hobby for me”, she says. To stand in the centre of attention is something she avoids. Although that does not mean that she is not open for fun and craziness when spending time with her best friends.

Rosenow appreciates the close and regular contact to her relatives in Germany, which is confirmed by various photos and postcards of her home hanging on the wall. She also dreams of her own family. She already found the right man and both are planning to move to Bonn. Lukas will start his PhD there and Rosenow wants to start an apprenticeship to become a therapist. Does she plan to stay there? “Who knows, but I am definitely happy to go back to Germany and to furnish my first own flat. It is the feeling of becoming settled what I am looking for,” she admits. Although she values the countless chances of our generation to study and to live at almost every place in the world, at some point it is enough.

When taking photos for this article, Rosenow is patient in finding the right angle, although she does not feel completely comfortable with the situation. However, it seems that being in her familiar setting gives her more confidence, which shows that her place in Maastricht also became a home for her.

Hannah Brandt



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