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Born in Seychelles

Born in Seychelles

Photographer:Fotograaf: Observant

Meet the freshmen

You’re from where? Saint Charles? Is it in France?  But as 18-year old Zoë Barois draws a questioning face the reporter knows she is wrong. “Seychelles”, she repeats. “O, wow, the islands!” Just in case you have no idea where the Seychelles are located: the archipelago of 115 islands lies in the Indian Ocean, off East Africa.
It’s quite exceptional, the reporter thinks. “That’s exactly what we thought”, says one of the older students sitting next to her.
Barois moved in yesterday. She chose Maastricht for the Science Program, just like her brother did a few years ago. “I like the fact that you can build a curriculum based on your personal interests.” Her brother has already graduated but found a room for his sister and showed her around. “‘Maastricht is a village’, some say, but I think it’s quite large. I definitely will get lost”, she laughs.
It’s not so hard to guess what she will miss the most of her home country (tip: just google Seychelles images and you’ll see): “The weather and the beaches. It’s always sunny.” The changing of the seasons is not something she was familiar with, but since her stay for two years in England she knows what to expect when fall starts.



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