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Bringing your laundry to Cologne

Bringing your laundry to Cologne

Photographer:Fotograaf: Observant

Meet the freshmen

Toast met tartaar.” German Franziska Flossbach laughs a bit as she tells about her Dutch skills. She didn’t take an official course, “she practiced just for fun”, with a friend who is doing a study program in Rotterdam. “I regularly try to order a dish in a restaurant in Dutch. It works out well.” The 19-year old from Cologne, who will start at the Psychology faculty, has doubts about taking an official language course: “Most of the time it’s too academic. I think I’ll learn the most by chatting with Dutch students.”
Yesterday she moved in her flat in Wijck, but she has been paying rent since June. “Cologne is nearby, only one hour driving, so I was in Maastricht several times, brought some stuff every time.” She plans to go back home twice a month. “We don’t have a washing machine in our flat, so I have to see my parents”, she laughs. No visit to the launderette? No, she prefers home.
Flossbach loves Maastricht, especially because it looks a bit like Cologne with the Rhine river. “Can you swim in the Maas?” she wants to know. “You can, you’ll notice Friday, during the Beach Lounge at Fun Valley”, answers the reporter. Hopefully the blauwalgen – bacteria you can get sick of and which have been found at Fun Valley last week - have disappeared by then.



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