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“I’m really happy with my room”

“I’m really happy with my room”

Photographer:Fotograaf: Observant

Meet the freshmen

The Sports Event at the Griend has only just started, but Armin Dorrani (18) a European Law School student from Eindhoven, has already made his choice. “I’m going to join the badminton association. I already play, it’s fun because it’s a fast and active sport. I especially excel at singles.” That doesn’t mean other associations don’t stand a chance anymore. “I’m actively looking around.”

His biggest challenge this year will be to combine everything, says Dorrani. Study, sports and living on his own. “I’m really happy with the room I found. I share an apartment with my best friend, who also starts his study in Maastricht. I chose Maastricht because of the study programme, but also because of the southern gezelligheid. It’s not so different from Eindhoven in that respect.”

For now, he is looking forward to the Bavaria Night on Friday and to spend more time with what remains of his Inkom group, about five people. “They are really nice, we have lot of fun.” Last, but not least, a conscientious question: has he done anything he regretted this week? “No, I’m quite a sensible guy”, he smiles.



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