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“I quite often go to my tutorials high”

“I quite often go to my tutorials high”

Facebookpage Maastricht University Confessions

“Twice, I included a full paragraph of a pancake recipe in my seminar work, because I was suspicious that no one read them, both times I got a 9.” 345 people liked this confession on the Maastricht University Confessions Facebook page. “Legend,” one remarks. “Maybe it was a really good recipe?” another one jokes. 

Maastricht University Confessions enables students to make anonymous confessions. Reading the little secrets is a popular study-avoiding activity; so far, 3,624 people have ‘liked’ this page. Subjects vary greatly. From “Sometimes, in the library, I wonder what's the best defence plan when a guy/girl with a gun starts shooting around. Computer rooms bottom floor: No survival options” to “I tried to seduce my tutor - cause he was kinda cute and I could use some easy grading of assignments. Efforts did not pay off, until the course-period ended. Now I am constantly stalked via Facebook and LinkedIn. FML”. And from “We never hear from those Randwyck people. They must be creating a nuclear weapon or something” to “I quite often go to my tutorials high.”

A large number of the confessions are about the university library and especially what happens in the toilets. “I'm not sure whether it's my lack of sex (btw, thank you Maastricht University), the enormous amount of posts about sex/masturbation in the library or just my impeccable hearing, but I was hearing sex sounds and moanings all day long in the library today.”

Denis Ancion, deputy director at Marketing and Communication, is not concerned about the page. “Whether people do something like that is up to them. The only thing they’re not allowed to do, is use the university logo. Then it would look as if we were the sender. For people who are further removed from the university – for example prospective students abroad who Google the UM – it can lead to confusion. We have had contact with the originators of the page and they have removed the logo.”




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