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Who is coming out to play?

Who is coming out to play?

Imagine you have a couple of hours off this afternoon and you fancy a game of table tennis. It’s just, who to play with? Maybe you are new to Maastricht and don't know a lot of people. Or you do have friends here, but they don't have the day off. That is where the new Activitree app can offer a solution.

Activitree was created by UM alumnus (Psychology and International Business) Moshe Sijben and two friends. After you have created an activity in the app, other users can indicate whether they want to join you. “There simply is a barrier to just go and do something with someone else. We want to make this as easy as possible,” says Sijben.   

The big difference with Facebook, where you can also create events, is that you can only plan activities for the same day in Activitree. “We want to keep it spontaneous and increase the chances of someone really turning up. You know if you can make it in two hours’ time, but whether you will also have time in three weeks – that can change.”

The free app has not been launched yet, but you can already sign up. “We first want to build up a community, so that there are actual users who can join in. We will start as soon as we have a thousand registrations. Everybody can see how things are going on our Facebook page.”

The app is only for Maastricht at this stage. “It is an ideal city for this kind of thing, with its international student population. As soon as it is running well, we will expand. We also want to add new functions and languages – for now the app is only in English.” The actual plans for the activities will have to come from the users themselves, but Sijben and his colleagues will provide inspiration. “For example, by sharing a suggestion every day.”



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