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“If I notice I’ve lost weight, it’s party time”

“If I notice I’ve lost weight, it’s party time”

Photographer:Fotograaf: Jan Hofstede

The seven sins of ice-hockey player Tom Marx
  • Greed. I always want the puck. If you’ve got possession, you can leave your mark on the match. I’ve got a pretty decent trophy collection at home. But success always leaves you wanting more. The ones I cherish most are the medals for the (youth) world cups in 2010, 2011, 2013 and 2016, and the watch I was given for most valuable player at the under-20 World Cup in 2013. I’m not high maintenance in a material way. I just want my things to be red – that makes you think of speed. I used to be a fan of Ferrari; now it’s Red Bull, of course.
  • Gluttony. I’m a good eater, especially Italian desserts like tiramisu or cannoli. I’m not on a strict diet, but if I know I’ll be having something nice for dessert I’ll hold back a bit during the day. If I notice I’ve lost weight, it’s party time. Then I really let go. The worst thing I’ve eaten lately was three pieces of carrot cake. That takes me ten minutes, max.
  • Lust. I’ve had a girlfriend for three years. I’m not into sex before a match; I think it makes you less sharp. I need a good night’s sleep beforehand, and on the day itself all my focus is on the match. People try to chat me up now and then, but I don’t really go for it.
  • Envy. I’m definitely not jealous in my relationship. But I can be jealous of athletes who are able to dedicate themselves fully to their sport. Even if I only get to bed at two am after a match in Heereveen, I still have to be in class at nine am. Sometimes I’m also jealous of countries with a colder climate. In Canada ice-hockey players can put in a lot more hours of training.
  • Sloth. In ice hockey it’s not unusual to have lots of niggles. I always think it’s not that bad, even when it hurts more than usual. I’m usually too lazy to go to the doctor. I’m also lazy when it comes to cleaning up. I’ll leave my sports bag in the car for two days, full of dirty clothes. Things that would be annoying for my housemates, like dirty dishes, I clean up straight away. My room is organised chaos: there are clothes and papers for uni all over the floor, but I know exactly where everything is.
  • Wrath. I’m very calm in everyday life, but during a match I can get angry. Usually at myself, if I’m not playing as well as I can or if something just isn’t working. I once broke a stick in half. They cost 200 euros each, so those kinds of antics are expensive. I can be really cranky after a bad training session or match, and I tend to take that home with me. My girlfriend knows it’s better to keep her distance when that happens, but she wants to be there for me. Really sweet, but she doesn’t always get the appreciation she deserves for that.
  • Pride. I get really chuffed when I read a lot about myself after a good match. I’ll be like patting myself on the back. But the fall always comes soon enough. In ice hockey you’re only as good as your last match. I’m a bit vain; I want to look good on the ice. It just makes you feel good about yourself. Before every match, I always have to make sure the numbers on my socks are facing exactly to the front.

Tom Marx, 23, University College Venlo, focusing on life sciences and nutrition, born in Sittard, lives in Venlo

Trains approximately ten hours per week, plays for the Geleen Eaters and the national team. Training for the league title and the World Cup in April 2018

Best performance to date: named talent of the year 2015/16, 1st in the Super Cup 2016 and 2017

This is a series about students who sport at the highest level



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