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Rich, richer, richest

MAASTRICHT. If you want to earn a lot of money later, you would be best off by studying Dentistry (€5,330 gross), International Business (€3,260 gross), Medicine (€3,140), Data Science and Knowledge Engineering (€2,950), or for example Fiscal and Notarial Law (€2,970). A study in the fields of Arts and Culture is not a good idea (€1,670 gross) from this perspective.

Keuzegids 2018 not only provides a ranking of the best bachelor’s study programmes, but also presents a salary table (which graduates earn the most) and a table that indicates who is likely to quickly find a job at the right level. The figures are from the National Alumni Survey 2015.

As far as quickly finding a job at the right level is concerned, Keuzegids again shows a divide between science programmes (broadly consisting of engineers, IT specialists, physicians, physicists, chemists, economists and managers) and the humanities programmes, such as Psychology, Political Science, Criminology, and Language and Art. Again, dentists come out on top (100 per cent), followed by physicians (96 per cent), pharmacists (94 per cent), and econometrists (89 per cent). Graduates in Arts and Culture (41 per cent) have a hard time, not to mention Language and Literature academics (29 per cent).



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