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Frisbee: more than a game

Frisbee: more than a game

Photographer:Fotograaf: Kevin Olislagers

MAASTRICHT. Five Ultimate Frisbee men's teams from the Netherlands came to Maastricht on Sunday to compete against each other. It was the third day of competitions (of a total of four) in the third division, in which Maastricht's own Ultimaas competes. For those who only know Frisbee as a holiday pastime: in the winter, Ultimate Frisbee is played in a sports hall (UM Sports' Hall last Sunday). There is a scoring zone on both sides of the field, just like in rugby or American Football. If you catch the Frisbee in the opponent’s end zone, you win a point for your team. There are nine divisions in the national competition.

Ultimaas plays in the third division, but whether they will remain there, is the question. “Unfortunately, we only drew one game and lost the others on Sunday,” says coach/trainer Danyel Jennen. The decision will be taken next month, on the fourth and last day of the competition. Based on the teams’ achievements during the first three days, they have been classified in a ranking. “We were 16th and will now play for places 9-16. The team that ends 9th, will go to the second division, the one that ends 16th, will be relegated to the fourth.”

Ultimaas' ladies team, which plays in the second division, played an away game in The Hague on Sunday and did considerably better. They won four games, ending in 6th place and will now compete for places 1-8.

The teams’ progress can be followed on



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