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Student associations dissatisfied with city accommodation policy

Student associations dissatisfied with city accommodation policy

Photographer:Fotograaf: Nan Palmero

MAASTRICHT. The present Maastricht city accommodation policy is useless. Students are too often depicted as a necessary evil. The three large Maastricht student associations Circumflex, Tragos and Koko have written a letter to the city council this week to express their discontent. In doing so, they are involving themselves in the discussion about student accommodation in Maastricht that has been going on for a couple of weeks now. “How are you going to ensure, having introduced this policy, that it will not add to the feeling that students already have of not being welcome?”

Maximizing the number of student houses per street and the decision of almost a month ago to not allow any more student rooms in sixteen streets – on top of the existing 71 – did not go down well with Circumflex, Tragos and Koko. “We take offence that the city council wants to introduce this policy without offering any alternatives.” Why should students be excluded as a section of the population, while there is no limit for the number of young professionals, elderly or expats in a street, they state in their letter.
The association of landlords (Vereniging Verhuurders Woonruimtes Maastricht) and the Maastricht Student Council have previously argued that the city’s accommodation policy should at least be made less rigid.
“Should you decide to introduce this new policy and further disturb the free-market system,” then the students claim that there should be sufficient student houses. By this, they did not mean the unaffordable Student Hotel or cheap, temporary container accommodation, like Maastricht University suggested. “Build suitable student accommodation.” So that students will feel welcome, they finish.

Wendy Degens



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