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Maastricht University prides itself on its problem-based learning approach in education – a system which has been adopted by almost all Dutch universities and many others around the globe. The edge that Maastricht once had no longer exists. Therefore, the university must remedy the situation. Otherwise, the university might struggle to attract (inter)national talent. Since my expertise lies within the medical field, here are my two cents regarding the aspects I missed whilst studying.

Medical education at Maastricht University pays zero attention to entrepreneurship and healthcare innovation. To my knowledge, and I have extensively tried to find such programs, there are no current programs serving this purpose. Medicine and healthcare are rapidly changing, and the university needs to facilitate for their students to be part of this change. In this regard, FHML could offer a minor in healthcare innovation or establish a parallel program for entrepreneurial minds – utilising Brightlands for example. The program should be collaborative and interdisciplinary (with students from other faculties and maybe other universities).

The faculty is incredibly focused on teaching medicine only – and nothing else. It is true that there is extra attention being paid to other competences (such as communication, collaboration, health advocacy and others), however, medical students are never offered classes from other faculties such as arts, philosophy and computer sciences.  These could be offered as part of the electives during the bachelor phase. It will give students the ability to step outside of the medical field and gain a new perspective.

These are a few of the aspects that I think will give the university an edge over other universities and might prepare students better for the future. I hope that FHML will take these proposals into account.

Saeed Banaama, studies Medicine at FHML



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