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Students desert Run Against Waste

Students desert Run Against Waste

Photographer:Fotograaf: Joey Roberts

MAASTRICHT. An enthusiastic organisation, a number of registrations via e-mail, lots of reactions on social media, two journalists, two photographers, but no participants. Last Tuesday, students massively gave the slip on the Run Against Waste: plogging, an event that was part of the Maastricht University Green Office’s Sustainability Week. Despite the fact that the Centre for Nature and Environment education (Centrum voor Natuur- en Milieueducatie, CNME) had specifically organised the run to reach more students.

Plogging is a trend that came from Sweden. The term was created by combining plocka, the Swedish word for ‘picking’, and jogging: so picking up rubbish while jogging. Everything was laid out and ready on a large table in the former fire station on the Capucijnenstraat: gloves, vests, grippers, rubbish bags, disinfection agents and a sustainable prize package for the participant who collected the most street litter.

Why did students not show up? The good weather, perhaps? Because everyone jogs in their own time? Or because students don't feel responsible for street litter? Maartje Meessen, project official for CNME, finds it difficult to say. “We advertised a lot through our own Facebook page and that of the Sustainability Week, we also issued a press release. Well, that clearly worked, ha ha.”

Meessen isn't disappointed: “It is too soon to say that we will never organise a plog-event again. This was a try-out. In the future, we may combine it with a sports or club event.”



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