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“All of a sudden DJ Hardwell showed up”

“All of a sudden DJ Hardwell showed up” “All of a sudden DJ Hardwell showed up”

Photographer:Fotograaf: Loraine Bodewes

UM Ink

Dayten Crijns (19) is a first-year student of International Business. One year ago he had the name of his brother and the logo and motto of his own company tattooed on his chest.

“Three years ago I started an event agency, Intensss Events. It’s already brought me so much that I wanted to have that reflected on my body somehow. When I started out as a DJ it was hard to find a stage to play on. My father came up with the idea for Intensss Events as a way of paying my dues – if artists come and play at my parties, I can do the same at theirs.

I organised my first party on 14 May 2015, and it went off like a rocket. At one point Hardwell just wandered in, then the number one DJ in the world. ‘Hi, I’m Robbert’, he said. Obviously I knew who he was. He’s a good friend of Kill the Buzz, who was playing at my party. In no time word got out that Hardwell was there and Facebook just exploded. It put Intensss Events right on the map. Everyone wanted a photo with him. At first he didn’t want to play, but he finally went on stage in the last ten minutes. He didn’t play his own stuff, but that didn’t matter.

We held an outdoor version in August 2015. That’s always a gamble. The weather has to be good and there’s a lot more to it: building scaffolding, tents and bars, toilets, fencing to close off the site. It was thirty degrees and a big success. We had four stages and an after party. Through our previous contacts we managed to book Hardwell this time. We already knew for a long time that he would come, but we weren’t allowed to advertise with it. He went and sat on a stool backstage and we let him be, no more photos. When word had got around, the place was completely full even outside the fence. Eventually he went on stage for the last twenty minutes. When I wanted to thank him at the end, he said ‘no thank you, I enjoyed it’. Nice that he was able to sit quietly, that no security was needed.

My older brother Duncan is in the centre of the tattoo. He means a lot to me and is a real example. I’m on his chest too. Then there’s the wings of the Intensss logo, with the motto ‘Learn from yesterday, dream about tomorrow, live today’. The roses make the tattoo a bit livelier. It was done in three sessions of three hours and didn’t hurt too much. If you’re not prepared for that, you don’t want it enough.

These days we organise four parties a year, and I now play at festivals and parties through the entire country like Essential Heerlen, Parkcity Live, Castle of Love, Dance Valley and Crazyland Festival.”

In this series, employees and students are interviewed about their tattoo.



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