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Kicking Inkom off with guilty pleasure medleys

Kicking Inkom off with guilty pleasure medleys

Photographer:Fotograaf: Observant

MAASTRICHT. Where do you see people in doctor’s’ coats drinking beer, devil’s horns in front of  fire  (on the stage) and balloons in all  colours  floating away? At the opening of the Inkom 2018, Monday evening at the Market. Here freshmen and their mentors from different sororities, fraternities and sports associations (including the future doctors of e Causa Ignota and the ‘devilish’ girls of Diablo) gather to kick the introduction week off with a party.

Band with Benefits is warming up the crowd with guilty pleasure medley’s – from Abba to Justin Bieber – and golden oldies. Just after 20.30 they leave the stage to make room for the Working Group Inkom. As organisers of this week-long welcome to the first-years they get the honour to press the big red button on stage, unleash heaps of confetti and declare the Inkom 2018 officially opened.

As the students in front of the stage start dancing to the next act (de Lawineboys), a group of first-years looks at them rather apprehensively. They glance at each other: who will be the first to join? Their awkwardness is quickly solved by their mentor when she comes back with drinks. After handing everyone a glass, she urges them towards the stage where they disappear in the crowd.



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