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Plans for Tapijn barracks

Plans for Tapijn barracks

Photographer:Fotograaf: Loraine Bodewes

Maastricht University and the provincial authorities of Limburg having bought the Tapijn barracks, there will be intense consultations in the next few months about their intended use in the future. The Tapijn barracks date back to the beginning of the last century; some buildings are listed monuments. The grounds are situated centrally, on the edge of the city centre, in a triangle between the Prins Bisschopsingel and the St. Hubertuslaan. It borders on various Maastricht parks and has itself a kind of parkland setup. It was for this reason that the surrounding neighbourhoods have expressed their view on several occasions that the area should be open and accessible to the public as soon as the military presence, the last being NATO, had left. This wish has been granted. It was also the neighbourhood that opposed the idea of the university becoming the single occupant, as this would create an undesirable “monoculture”. The UM now wants to involve the neighbourhood in the plans. There are plenty of tentative ideas. One is, at least temporarily, to provide a place for students to study in order to relieve the inner city library. Other ideas include student accommodation, lecture rooms and catering facilities. The investment by the UM - in addition to half the purchase price of 3.8 million euro, so 1.9 million euro - will amount to all the costs of demolition and renovation.



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