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Drinking tea, thinking of Lithuania

Drinking tea, thinking of Lithuania

Photographer:Fotograaf: Observant

Inkom 2018

Sitting on a bench in the garden of her faculty – the School of Business and Economics – newbie Aleksandra Stasyté is waiting for the keynote speech of a motivational speaker who spent 1637 days in a Moroccan jail while innocent. Within an hour, he will have the floor. This so-called ‘College Tour’ has the interest of the 19-year-old student from Lithuania. “With the subscription for the Inkom you had to assign what you would like the most: sports, information sessions or parties. For me? The first two. I’m not such a party person.”

Last Saturday she arrived in Maastricht for the first time. “I was too busy during the Open Days, so I had to rely on other information. Econometrics and Operations Research has a good reputation. Besides that, I like mathematics very much. My boyfriend and I [he is sitting next to her and also a SBE-freshman] are here together, we already planned it before applying at Maastricht University. We wanted to go abroad.” She feels the universities in Lithuania are of less quality.
Will they be living together? “No, it would be too early. May be next year”, she laughs.

Before she left, her mother gave her a special tea cup, one to create memories, “we have them at home too. So every time I drink tea, I remember family life.”



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