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Dope loses seats to Novum

Dope loses seats to Novum

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MAASTRICHT. In what seems to become an eternal tidal movement, student party Novum has won and Dope has lost this year. Last year it was exactly the other way around. This goes for most faculties and for the university council. This does not mean, however, that Novum has overtaken Dope; Dope was and is the largest presence in the world of Maastricht student politics. Dope fills a total of 24 seats in the faculty councils and the university council, Novum has 19. It is only at Fasos that Dope cannot make any headway: in fact, the one seat that they had last year, they have now lost. At FPN (psychology and neurosciences), on the other hand, Dope has an absolute monopoly, having seized all student council seats. Again, this was achieved without elections because there were just enough candidates for the number of seats. This is a problem that also affects other councils and sections. In particular among support staff (OBP), candidates for council seats are difficult to find: at four of the faculties all candidates were sure of their places even before the elections.

Among the students, Dope lost six seats to Novum, who have increased their number of seats by an extra seven: the Ouranos seat for Law, who did not participate this year, went to Novum.

Student turnout this year was a little less than last year. Figures fluctuated between 26 (University Council) and 34 per cent, with a peak at FHS (including University College), where last year’s 40 per cent increased to 44.5 per cent this year. An absolute record in terms of turnout was reached among OBP at Fasos, even though the figure dropped in comparison with the previous elections in 2011, from 69 to 66 per cent. The largest turnout drop was among the academic staff (WP) at psychology: from 65 per cent in 2011 to 44 now. WP at Fasos regarded the elections more important this time than last time: turnout rose from 49 to 63.5 per cent.



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