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Toilet visit policy criticised

Toilet visit policy criticised

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MAASTRICHT. It looks as if the student members in the university council will be successful in their resistance against the ‘one toilet visit policy’ during exams. The Executive Board actually agrees with them.

The Examination Committees recently decided collectively that action was needed to combat the fraudulent actions taking place in the toilets during the exams. Students regularly leave the hall to use their smartphones from the toilets to search for answers or pass them on. The Examination Committees’ remedy: in the future only one toilet visit during exams. The new rule would be effective as from September. This met with protests from students: what if you happen to have a small bladder, or medical issues, and how could one possibly drink the ever so popular bottle of water, vital after all for the proper transportation of blood and oxygen to the already troubled brain? Hanno Salditt, member of the university council for Novum, brought up the matter on a number of occasions, and last week the Executive Board replied. Rector Luc Soete stated that they agreed with the students that visiting the toilet more than once during an exam should be allowed. “The policy has to change,” he said. The problem, however, is that the Examination Committees are legally autonomous and the Executive Board has no influence over them. Soete nevertheless announced that he would discuss the matter with the chairmen of the Examination Committees. To fight fraud, he suggested that students should be asked to sign a testimony that they would behave honestly and honourably during exams. If that doesn’t work, they would proceed to take the next step in the fight against fraud. Exactly what that entailed, he did not say.



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