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Getting lost in some of the greatest mysteries of our time

Getting lost in some of the greatest mysteries of our time

Photographer:Fotograaf: Stephanie Nagel

Home Sweet Home

Ruben Hanenbergh (22, Dutch), master’s student Human Decision Science/ Rent: 280 euros/ M2: 16/ Area: Heer

At the intersection of science and psychology lies Ruben Hanenbergh, a master’s student in the Human Decision Science field at the School of Business and Economics.

A few months before starting his first semester, Hanenbergh was looking into Maastricht’s housing options from his home in Utrecht. While he was able to figure out his accommodations quickly and simply, life is never without its challenges; “I originally was trying to get housing through a corporation as it tends to be better quality than you get from private landlords.” Nevertheless, he went on after realizing that Maastricht is far less urban than Utrecht without any corporation-housing options.  

Tucked away in the quiet neighborhood of Heer, Hanenbergh settles with five other housemates that share a kitchen and bathroom, each with their own rooms. While having his own space, like a studio, would be nice, mostly it’s frustrating for him to run downstairs to use the bathroom or take a shower. However, Hanenbergh likes spending time with his roommates, whom he meets with “about once a week, [as] we always seem to have dinner together despite ever planning it and running on different schedules,” and enjoys paying a decent price for it.

Thankfully, Hanenbergh is able to escape to his room to enjoy some quiet respite for studying or deep pondering. Despite living the hectic and stressful life of writing papers and studying for exams while constantly negotiating comfortability and practicality on a meager student budget, he decides to get lost in some of the greatest mysteries of our time by delving into quantum physics or read from Noson Yanofsky’s The Outer Limits of Reason and forget about life’s trivialities.

In his own space, with candles flickering in a room filled with IKEA furniture, “the essentials for any student—as everything is decently priced, easy to assemble, and has a cool contemporary design,” Hanenbergh creates a small oasis to wind down and restore. Whether to study in peace or listen to the band Tycho on his audiophile-approved (and ginormous) Hifiman HE-350 headphones, Hanenbergh looks forward to the day when he can live a little more freely. For now, he enjoys the simplicities of living with friends, studying what he likes, and taking time to enjoy the good things in life that make him happy: treating himself to his favorite seasonal Dutch truffelpeppernoten cookies during study breaks and considering new ways of progressive thinking.

Stephanie Nagel



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