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"Having my dad to help was a blessing"

"Having my dad to help was a blessing"

Photographer:Fotograaf: Rasika Kulkarni

Home Sweet Home

Ada Garcia-Gesto Lopez (18, Spanish), first-year European Law, pays €445 per month for a 18m2 room close to Central Station

While some are pleased by the fact that they get a furnished room, helping to reduce their workload, “I am glad I got an unfurnished room” says Lopez. Not having to stick to the “boring” and mundane furniture makes her glad. Deciding every single detail of the room has truly helped Lopez make her room feel like home. Even though she chose everything herself, “having my dad to help, was a blessing, doing everything alone would have been a little overwhelming,” she admits. She has ensured that the room gives a cozy and welcoming vibe. The sign above her bed reads zona de mimos, which roughly translates to ‘cuddle zone’, quickly catches the eye and reflects her intention to create a comfy atmosphere, which she likes sharing with other people. The bright floral theme of the room does indeed complement her happy nature.

Another thing packing the room, besides the welcoming vibe, is her friends. She has ensured that all her friends are always with her by putting lots of pictures of them around the room. “My friends are a huge part of my life,” she says. Being able to look at all of them helps her make sure that she doesn’t miss them too much. Being close to home in Germany, where she had been living for the past few years, allows her to see friends and family more often compared to other students, which she appreciates a lot. This closeness has helped in adjusting quicker and not feeling too homesick, especially at the beginning of the year.

Lopez says: “I love chilling on the couch. I spend a lot of time there, reading or just watching something on Netflix in Spanish.” When it comes to her housemates, she says that all three are friendly. “I talk to Philip more than the others, because he is on the same floor, and we share a kitchen and bathroom.” They often have nice conversations when they cook together in their shared kitchen. Being a social person, Lopez also like to take out time specially for her friends and hangs out with them often. “I usually go out 2-3 times a week” she says.

Lopez although appreciates the privacy that she gets from having an individual room is happy to share her space with other people. Which why she was very glad to share this beautiful picture of her, in her room. 

Rasika Kulkarni 



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