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“This is where my life is”

“This is where my life is”

Photographer:Fotograaf: Su Min Pack

Home Sweet Home

Louisa Stupp (22, German), master's student European Studies on Society, Science and Technology, pays 295 euro per month for a 16m2 room near Scharneweg

Louisa Stupp’s room is full of colours and hippie decorations. She explains that the colours and candles make her feel more at home. “Tidiness is something that I can be more flexible with,” she giggles.

After her Bachelor in the Faculty of Arts & Social Sciences, Stupp decided to stay in Maastricht for her Master programme. She is currently studying European Studies on Society, Science and Technology, with the dream of being in the political scene but “not up front in the TV”. Her eyes twinkled, “I want to work as a civil servant who gives political recommendations with regards to Science and Technology.”

Stupp’s room is full of things that she loves, from books, a guitar and a ukulele to a small tea table by the window. “It is always nice to start a day off and end with a cup of tea,” she says smiling. She had a few speakers in her room, portable speakers for picnicking in the park and a huge set of speakers to enjoy the music at home. She explains that she has different music for different activities. She listens to classical music when studying, pop music for chilling out and even louder electronic music when cooking. Cooking, watching films and reading books are also amongst her favourite hobbies. “I cook to take a break and I am actually doing something that is useful and healthy for myself. And I love to relax, watch movies and read books. It is really a quiet neighbourhood. It is really nice to relax in my room.”

However, Stupp did not always feel at home in Maastricht. She described her first year in Maastricht to be lonesome. She was away from her home and friends, knew no one and she felt like she was on another planet, even though she can reach her hometown in four hours by train. Nonetheless, she soon made new friends, whom she studied and had fun together and could share her deepest thoughts and worries with. This made the situation a lot better. “Since then I don’t really feel lonely. Now this feels like home. When I come back to Maastricht from another city, I feel like I am coming back home. Because this is so familiar, and this is where my life is.”

Su Min Pack



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