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A world behind reality

A world behind reality A world behind reality A world behind reality

Photographer:Fotograaf: Josh Telles

David Lynch: exhibition in Bonnefanten and retrospective in Lumière

MAASTRICHT. As iconic as his films (Blue VelvetTwin Peaks) have become, his visual artwork has remained all the more obscure. This is one of the reasons why Bonnefanten museum has set up a retrospective of David Lynch. But why has he earned so little appreciation as an artist? An interview with Bonnefanten director Stijn Huijts.

Will he or will he not come to Maastricht? That is the question that is in the minds of many art lovers at the moment. “That remains suspenseful, says Huijts. “I really don't know. He is not so young anymore, he does not like to travel, certainly not across Europe in winter. If he doesn't come, we will set up a live connection using Skype. In that case, he will come to Maastricht at a later date, because he definitely wants to see the exhibition.”

David Lynch may be world-famous because of his surrealist television series Twin Peaks or films such as Blue Velvet or Wild at Heart. But he started his career at the art academy in Philadelphia and his whole life he has felt that he was a visual artist first and foremost. More than five hundred pieces, paintings, sculptures, lithos and short films can be seen in Maastricht.

Huijts: “Lynch is an American artist through and through, partly a product of the nineteen-fifties, when everything was, as one would say, spick and span, but hidden behind that facade was eroticism and violence. He grew up in that period. He received very little appreciation as a visual artist, because he himself never sought publicity; he even avoided it, partly through mistrust of the commercial art world. For him it was all about the work itself, about creativity. The rest is of minor importance."

The title of the exhibition 'Someone is in my house’ is very Lynchian, says Huijts. “Shivers immediately run down your spine. Very creepy, to come across a stranger in the sheltered environment of your own home. It refers to the fourth dimension, a major theme in his work. Or the suggestion that there is another unknown reality behind the reality we know."

The exhibition 'Someone is in my house', in Bonnefanten, from 30 November until 28 April 2019; a retrospective of the films by David Lynch, in Lumière cinema, from 30 November



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