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Less pay for student jobs

MAASTRICHT. “I was a member of the ‘UM promoteam’ and back then I was already earning 9 euro per hour. These days that kind of job is arranged through Interum and you only earn about 5 euro. For that kind of money I would not go and visit secondary schools to praise the UM today,” says Nadine van Veenendaal, Dope student member of the University Council. Last week, she complained in the council committee for finance and personnel about the new regulation that should end the proliferation of types of student jobs at the UM. Some of them are arranged by the faculties, some centrally, so the main aim of the new policy is to achieve simplification: the ‘larger’ jobs will be in the form of a student assistantship, all stand-by jobs and small jobs will go through the in-house employment agency Interum. This agency would then apply regular rates. This means age-related amounts based on minimum wages, and by way of concession they would add one year onto the age. In practice this means that an eighteen-year-old UM student would in principle earn 5.25 euro per hour, but because holiday entitlements and holiday allowance are not deducted the amount will be 6.21 euro. More than the regular wages for an eighteen-year-old but still about 3 euro per hour less than the former UM rate.

André Postema from the Executive Board: “As an employee you try to get students to work for as little as possible. But it is also a matter of supply and demand. If it turns out that we’re paying too little and we do not get enough students, we will have to review our policy.” On the other hand, things are looking better for older students: from the age of 21, they will get just over ten euro.



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