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New student initiative

“To bridge the still significantly existing gap between students living in Maastricht and the region and society surrounding it.” That’s the goal of the newly founded Student Society Interaction (SSI). The project is an initiative of four students – Isabel Voets, Hannan Bittich, Jesper Saman and Dirk Janssen – who work together with the Student Service Centre.

The SSI wants to organize various events that “break down the wall between university and society in order to stimulate students' civic engagement, social integration and understanding between student and citizen, and the employability of students in this region”, says Dirk Janssen. “We believe that at the moment students’ live take place for the largest majority within student circles, and that this prevents students from interacting with society at large and discovering once’ current and future dream position in it.”

These events would include things such as informal dinners and social drinks hosted in student houses, civil society and business organizations opening their doors, 1-to-1 personal contact by establishing buddies between students and citizens and community events with music, food, talks and culture.

The project is financed by Maastricht University. “We have received a budget for six months in order to set up a pilot and start the initiative. The intention is to secure additional funding for the upcoming years so that a sustainable institutionalization will be ensured.”


The SSI Initiative is currently searching for two new team members. More information can be found on:



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