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"We have the very best landlady ever"

"We have the very best landlady ever"

Photographer:Fotograaf: Simone Golob

Behind the status

Hey ladies, looking for a cute little room in a ‘gezellig’ student house in Heer, 4 minutes by bike from the Randwyck faculties? Then we’ve got exactly the place for you! Only €260, -/month, including G/W/E and Internet!

Who has a landlord who treats the residents to dinner so that they can get to know each other better? Who arranges to have a broken washing machine or dishwasher fixed within one day? Who invites her children and their boyfriends/girlfriends around to get the garden shipshape twice a year? Who hires a cleaner to come in twice a week? Most landlords don’t have a great reputation, but the above-mentioned rarities still exist. The student house on the Pastoor Heijnenstraat in Heer has “the very best landlady ever”, we read in the notice. “She is a really kind lady,” emphasises Siete Andela, Dutch and first-year student of psychology. He has only been renting for a few weeks now, but is well aware of the lady of the house’s assets. At the moment the house has two female and three male tenants, with various nationalities: Belgian, Dutch, Indian, and German. “The landlady wants an equal number of boys and girls, that is why we are looking for a girl.”

“Posting a call on Facebook works perfectly. I have placed this advertisement in three different groups. This is the way I found my room too.” Andela doesn’t deny the fact that Heer is quite far from the centre. “I did think of Wyck, but you pay much more there. And after all, my faculty is a five-minute bike ride from Heer. I am in the city centre within fifteen minutes.”
The Pastoor Heijnenstraat is anything but a typical student street like the Herbenusstraat or Brusselsestraat. There are single-family dwellings, tidily kept gardens and driveways. “We also have a house like that. On a corner. The neighbour’s house is attached to ours, but as far as I know there have never been complaints. We live like students, and the house is to be lived in – we don’t put every plate straight into the dishwasher… But we do take the neighbourhood into consideration.”

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