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"I could get a lift to Aachen, but that’s nowhere near Stuttgart"

Behind the status

Anyone driving towards Stuttgart this week?

“No, I haven’t got a ride yet”, says Lucie Rut Bertuleit, the first-year student of European Public Health who posted this message on the wall of the Maastricht Carpooling Facebook group, where people can ask for or offer a ride. “And I wanted to leave today (last Tuesday –Ed.), so I don’t think it’s going to happen anymore. I could get a lift to Aachen, but that’s nowhere near Stuttgart. People who are going in the right direction won’t do so for another two weeks and then I have classes.”

Rut Bertuleit wanted to go to Stuttgart to visit her family. “I’ve only just arrived in Maastricht and I don’t know anyone here yet, so I was a bit homesick.” Not a normal feeling for her. “I recently came back from the United States, where I studied psychology for two years, so I’m used to missing my family and I love travelling. The difference is that in the States I had a lot of friends I could go to.” She chose Maastricht after hearing good things about the university and her study programme. “Also, they don’t require you to have taken biology as a main course”, she laughs.

Maastricht Carpooling is a recent addition to her Facebook groups. “I think it’s very handy.” She doesn’t mind getting into a car with a stranger. “Well, it depends on the person, but as long as it’s a fellow student I’m okay.” For now, she’s looking at different forms of transportation. “Do you know if students get a discount on train tickets? They’re so expensive: 200 euros for a return ticket to Stuttgart! Now I probably won’t go back until October or even Christmas.”

This is a column about stories behind Facebook messages



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