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City rubbish bags cheaper

MAASTRICHT. The price of the red-and-white coloured rubbish bags, in which one deposits one’s household waste and which are left on the pavement to be collected in the city of Maastricht, will drop as of 1 January. A 50-litre bag will no longer cost 1.24 euro, but 0.71 euro cent. These rubbish bags are meant for waste that cannot be disposed of elsewhere. Stations for white and coloured glass, plastic, paper, drinks cartons and tins have been set up at various locations in the city. The rubbish bag is going to be considerably cheaper because “calculations of the city’s waste budget have shown that there was a positive balance in 2010 and 2011,” says a city spokesman. “And since we apply the principle of ‘the polluter pays’, the money will be returned to the citizens.” A survey by the Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment has shown that Maastricht is the leader in the Netherlands when it comes to the separation of waste. The survey uses a standard amount of 241 kilos of remaining waste after separation per capita per year. Maastricht scores well below this, with 152 kilos per capita.




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