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Misunderstanding about compulsory attendance at FaSoS

Misunderstanding about compulsory attendance at FaSoS

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MAASTRICHT. A misapprehension, that’s all. The Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences has not introduced 100% compulsory attendance. Students are allowed to be absent twice in an eight-week block and once in a four-week block. Anyone who does not comply will be denied access to the block’s exam. Students may appeal to the hardship clause if their absence was caused by special circumstances.

Confusion arose at the end of August because of a notice in FASoS Weekly about compulsory attendance in the bachelor’s courses. In the paper, the faculty explained the above-mentioned rules but emphasised at the same time that it would of course be desirable if students did not miss any tutorial group meeting. It was said that in doing so students show their professional attitude.

Not everyone understood this message; some were of the impression that compulsory attendance had been raised to the absolute maximum. Students from European Studies had already planned a protest action – a sit-in – for last Monday; the student members of the Faculty Council denounced the ‘new’ compulsory attendance rules. In the end, it turned out to be a storm in a teacup and the sit-in was cancelled.



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