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High-intensity training is hip

High-intensity training is hip

Photographer:Fotograaf: Loraine Bodewes

MAASTRICHT. Dribbling, push-ups, squats, knee lifts: it is all part of SuperHIIT, the new sports trend at UM Sports. HIIT stands for High-Intensity Interval Training. “It uses intervals and a series of exercises,” says Netty Bekkers-Vos from UM Sports. “When you do these exercises, you train several muscle groups simultaneously. That is why the training is very effective. Participants can take part at their own intensity. There is music, but it does not have a leading role, as with aerobics or Zumba, it is more in the background.”

HIIT is not the only popular lesson at the student sports centre. “It is too early in the academic year to speak of a particular trend, but we see that the rather basic lessons that have a high intensity are very popular. An example is Powerkick, consisting of martial art movements to the beat of music. But more dancing-based lessons, like Work-out Mix and Zumba, continue to be popular.”

Among the student sports associations, Tiburon (swimming), Hippo’s (korfball), and Saurus (rowing) do well. “The open hours for badminton and basketball are also very well attended. Just like a few new activities with a high fun factor: frisbee and dodge ball.” The one that always remains a favourite is fitness. “You can determine for yourself when you do it. With the Maastricht education system where rosters can change every two months, it’s ideal.”

A total of 2,400 students now have a sports card. “That figure is not representative,” says Bekkers-Vos. “We started registrations three weeks later than usual, because of our new membership and payment system. In 2012-2013 we finished with 6,500 members.”



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