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British students keep their rights after ‘hard’ Brexit

British students keep their rights after ‘hard’ Brexit

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If the United Kingdom leaves the European Union without a deal, British students studying in the Netherlands need not worry. They can continue their studies under the same conditions.

Chances of a ‘hard’ Brexit have increased, after a big majority of the British parliament voted against prime minister Theresa May’s proposal on Tuesday.

Minister Blok wrote to the Second Chamber that British students who are currently studying in the Netherlands, in the case of a ‘no deal’ scenario on 30 March, will keep their entitlement to student financing. In addition, they will not need to pay more than the statutory tuition fee. They do need to comply with the other conditions that apply to EU citizens.

British students arriving in the Netherlands after Brexit, will be considered as citizens from outside the European Economic Area in the case of a ‘no deal’. They will then pay the same higher institutional tuition fees and not receive student financing, just like for example Chinese students.

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