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UM professors examine ‘parking policy'

UM professors examine ‘parking policy'

MAASTRICHT. After the University Council had returned the mobility plan - commonly referred to as ‘parking policy’ - back to the drawing board last autumn, a large opinion poll will now be held within Maastricht University: what do people think when it comes to cycling, public transport, cars, parking spaces, or a cycling bonus? Three behavioural scientists are going to map out what employees and students think about mobility.

The final plan was supposed to have been in place by October 2018, but in that same month further work on it was postponed. The University Council - which had previously argued that this was a “sensitive matter that would lead to commotion”- together with the local consultative body, urged the Executive Board to first consult a larger group of employees and students. Then a plan can be presented that can be expected to have more support from those concerned, they said.

That is now about to happen. UM professors Gerjo Kok, Rob Ruiter and Rik Crutzen are going to hold group meetings with people from all corners of the UM. Ruud Bollen, director of Finance and - after the departure of FS director Erwin Kuil - the new leader of the project, says that possibly after that a survey may be held, “but that is up to the researchers”.

The aim of the mobility policy, Bollen emphasised, is still to discourage the use of cars and to encourage cycling and the use of public transport. “We want to be greener and more climate-friendly. In addition, because of the development in the Randwijck area, there will be fewer parking spaces.”

The new plan will be put before the University Council and the local consultative body, “preferably before the summer,” said Bollen.




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