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Answers to the quiz

1.   What, When, Where, How


2.   B and C are correct; you may only give your own opinion in a column.


3.   We all write things, every day, from a shopping list to an email or a text message. Whats more difficult is having to write something longer. This is particularly hard when it comes to something you know a lot aboutover, but others don’t. How can you explain your work, your studies or the topic of your’re thesis so it’s easy to understand? The key is to write clearly, whether it’s a news report (what happened exactly?), an interview (what is the essence of the person’s story?) or a background article (what is the common thread who that ties all the information together?). This is what you learn during Observants Effective Writing course.


If you are interested in the workshops, click here for more information



2013-09-24: Anonymous User

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