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Pause, not cancel

Pause, not cancel

Photographer:Fotograaf: Observant

MAASTRICHT. The 24-hour opening trial of the University Library (UB) will still take place, but it has been postponed for the time being. A number of neighbourhood nuisances must be dealt with first.

The UB initially planned to experiment with all-night hours during the exam period last October. This plan fell through at the very last moment after strong protests from the neighbourhood, which hadn’t been informed of the experiment until a few days before it was to begin.

“By now, we’ve had five meetings with the neighbourhood”, says UB director Ingrid Wijk. “It turned out that 24-hour opening was the last straw for the residents.” People who live near the university library experience disturbances such as trash container lids being slammed shut late in the evenings after closing time, supply trucks ignoring one-way road signs, lights at the UB being left on overnight, and groups of rowdy students leaving the library late in the evenings, explains Wijk.

“We want be a good neighbour, so we’ll first solve these issues before experimenting with all-night hours”, says Wijk. “For example, the trash containers have already been moved inside and lights are now being turned off in time. We’re also going to talk to our suppliers.”

The trial will continue in any case. It’s part of the UM quality agreements: the agreed-upon plans for improving UM education that will be funded with the money that has become available after the abolishment of the basic grant (basisbeurs). “As long as those agreements are in place, we’ll stick to them”, says Wijk.



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