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Wanted: 13 PhD's

Wanted: 13 PhD's

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1.4 million euro for research project Limes

MAASTRICHT. Thirteen PhD students from three Maastricht faculties will need to be recruited this year for research project Limes - Latin for border. The project was recently honoured with a 1.4 million euro European subsidy (Marie Curie Cofund). The participants are the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, the School of Business and Economics, the Faculty of Law and University College.

Limes – is about “the hardening and softening of borders”. National borders play an increasingly smaller role in political, economic or sociocultural respect. Take, for example, the migration of employees between EU countries, says professor Thomas Conzelmann, general co-ordinator of the project. At other times, when a nation or government feels threatened, they close. This is what happened in Hungary in 2017, when migrants entered Europe.

Conzelmann: “Limes is all about mobility, of people and of information and goods. What are the consequences of this? How will countries, businesses and people deal with it?”

Recruitment of the thirteen PhD students will start in June.



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