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Bringing your own bike

Bringing your own bike

Photographer:Fotograaf: Observant

Freshmen Inkom 2019

When we say Maastricht, German Jette Schütze (19) says “Europe, the signed treaty, an international environment”. No word about André Rieu, the world famous violist, or the Songfestival 2020 that perhaps will be organized in Maastricht. Maybe next year when she’s settled in.
As a high school student in Hamburg, Schütze heard of Maastricht University’s reputation and the English study programmes. “I chose the bachelor European studies.”
Last weekend she moved to her room in Mariaberg, which she found after a frustrating and long search on Facebook and housing websites. Her parents waved her goodbye, wishing her “a good time, hopefully with good friends”.
She fell with her nose in the butter as she already has a click with her fellow Inkom group members: a girl from Zimbabwe and one from Taiwan. On the second day of the introduction week, they sit together in the Stadspark.
Asking her the most precious ‘thing’ she moved with her from home, she says: “my bike”. It appears that in Hamburg, as in Maastricht, a lot of people cycle. “But here there are more and they go faster.”

Why did they come to Maastricht, what did they know about the city, do they like the Inkom and was it easy to find a room? Observant wandered around the Inkom and asked the first-years all about it.



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