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“In France, I found what matches my personality”

“In France, I found what matches my personality”

Photographer:Fotograaf: Loraine Bodewes

Dress to express

Luisa Arens (20), second-year International Business student, describes her style as: “Chic and comfortable.”

Same jacket

 “When I was younger I was interested in clothes, but I didn’t really know how to do things. For instance, I wanted to look more like an adult. So I had the same cotton suit jacket in different colours. Every day I would wear a top with a different colour jacket. I thought it was different, but I was basically wearing the same outfit every day. Things changed when I went to Nice for an internship. The people there are so well dressed. They were so much more daring than the people in the town in Germany where I’m from. It really inspired me.”

Parisian style

“I still like the Parisian style: elegant, classy, feminine. In France, I found what matches my personality. I consider myself to be a nice and cheerful person and I hope that reflects in my style. By now, I can say that I’m really comfortable with the clothes I’m wearing. I think that is a good place to be at.”

Matching outfits

“I prefer to go to real shops. Online you can’t really see what the quality is and if it’s bad, you have to go through the hassle of returning it. I love the brand Chloë, but it’s too expensive. So I shop at Zara and Stradivarius. My favourite is Mango. When I’m shopping, I send pictures of the items I picked to my boyfriend. He has good style. We like the same things. In fact, when we were just dating we would often show up in similar outfits. If I was wearing a bomber jack, he was wearing a male variation of it.”


“I have a preference for pants with a pattern. When I wear them, I keep the top half of my outfit simple. What I also like about these is that they are comfortable. That is important to me. I wear a lot of natural tones that I can combine with a splash of colour. But nothing too flashy, I found out those don’t suit my style or my skin tone.”


“I’m almost always wearing gold. Not just my jewellery: my favourite belt has a golden knuckle on it and you will also find it on my shoes or bags. I really like big earrings and my watch: it enhances almost every outfit.”

Messy hair

“My hair and make-up I usually keep simple. Just some mascara and concealer: I don’t like the feeling of lots of layers of make-up. For my hair I prefer not to use straighteners too much. I like it when it’s a bit messy. Sometimes I use it to balance out an outfit. If the clothes are very chic, I will make a messy ponytail to compensate and get that flowy effortless look.”

In this series we get to know students and staff members better through their style.



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