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“I’m fond of unisex silhouettes, I like it straight”

 “I’m fond of unisex silhouettes, I like it straight”

Photographer:Fotograaf: Loraine Bodewes

Dress to express

Elizaveta Kislova (18), second-year European Law School student from Russia, describes her style as: “Urban style with ease”


“Describing my style, would be the typical legal answer: ‘It depends.’ It goes in different directions. However, it always has to be comfortable. Apart from that, I like the outfits that you usually see in big cities, where people are more experimental. I like the urban fashionable, yet relaxed style, which is called steeze: style and ease. Some people try to follow fashion in magazines or on YouTube, but I wear what I like, I rely on myself.”

The black phase

“As a kid, I already paid attention to the way I dressed. Starting from my early teenage years, I went through many fashion phases. I remember the preppy look, with a shirt – fully buttoned – and a sweater on top of that with a bow tie. When I was sixteen, I went to Berlin for the first time and got carried away with everybody walking around in black. I thought it was so cool. That phase only stopped a couple of months ago. I got bored with black. I love experimenting with colours right now. By the way, it was not gothic-like, it was balanced with my blond hair and I didn’t wear black make-up either.”


“I’m fond of outerwear. This coat is from a random thrift store in Moscow. First I was not so sure, I like oversized stuff, but I thought it was too oversized. A friend and the lady at the store convinced me. I don’t regret it. I like the small details; I put some stuff on it, like a whistle and the pins. The coat is beautifully worn in, very neat, it looks new. Actually, my whole look is thrifted. The orange shirt has a vintage look; you can’t find contours like this anymore. I bought this pair of trousers in Croatia this summer. I’m fond of unisex silhouettes, I like it straight. I never wear skinny jeans.”

Dr. Martens

“This is my only pair of sneakers, the typical Nike Air Force One. I love the iconic silhouette. The shoe itself is chunky, I don’t like them combined with skinny jeans. With bigger trousers it looks really good. I prefer Dr. Martens. My dad bought me my first pair when I was twelve. At the time, Timberland was a big thing. I asked him to get me a pair of Timberlands, but he bought me a sand coloured pair of Dr. Martens. I have been wearing them ever since, almost nonstop.”

Blue and red polished nails

“I got red nail polish from a friend who dropped out of university. She left me a small box with little things. I thought: ‘Okay, I have the contrast colour blue myself and combined it with red and it looks cool.’ I also wear a lot of jewellery like rings and necklaces. I think it can elevate a look. I'm not wearing earrings today, I had to choose and went for my headphones.”


“I have a lot of clothes. There are many things I no longer wear and I should get rid of, but I won’t. I’m afraid that I will regret it. Fashion repeats itself; clothes that are out of style now, will probably become stylish again.”



In this series we get to know students and staff members better through their style.



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