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“I wear my pink trousers when I want to be noticed and express: here I am”

 “I wear my pink trousers when I want to be noticed and express: here I am”

Photographer:Fotograaf: Loraine Bodewes

Dress to Express

Anouk Moll (25), almost graduated from University College Maastricht, co-owner of software company FemIP and influencing and marketing platform Binfluence, describes her style as: "business-like, practical and no-nonsense"


“I cannot throw clothes out, I keep everything. I have had this black T-shirt for at least five years. It goes with everything. Brand names don't do it for me; I mainly buy in the sales at Zara, H&M and Mango. I match a lot, jackets, blouses and dresses. I usually wear black, white, grey and blue. Whitney Wolfe, the founder and CEO of Bumble and co-founder of Tinder is my source of inspiration. She stands for female empowerment and has a beautiful, business-like, simple style. Very elegant, just like Grace Kelly. ”


“I wear my pink trousers when I want to make a statement. When I want to be noticed and express: here I am. That was the case today; I had business meetings for a Tiny Houses project that I am working on. Small affordable accommodation for students and first-time buyers. I am looking for a place in Maastricht for that, but also in Venlo.”


“This used to be my grandmother's favourite scarf. We came across it when she moved to a nursing home and we had to clear out her stuff. I was the one who got it. A scarf adds a chic touch to an outfit. I don't wear this type of clothing when I'm at home; that is when you will see me in sports clothes; Adidas tracksuit and shoes. Binfluence did a marketing campaign for Adidas. No, I didn't get a discount, I already had the outfit!”


“These earrings are completely fake, but I wear them a lot. That white in the earrings means I can wear them with everything. My two rings are real. My dad is a goldsmith and he sets diamonds. He made one ring when I turned sixteen and the other for my eighteenth birthday. My godmother, who works with precious metals too, gave me the stones when I was born.”


“I've had my bag for five or six years. It looks expensive but it isn't. Yes, I do stand out at UCM. [Grinning] I am probably the only non-hippie, I wouldn’t look out of place at the School of Business and Economics. But at the UCM they are very liberal. You can be who you are. I am very ambitious and competitive. That means that not everyone likes me. In ten years' time I hope to go public with my company. Many women wouldn't say something like that, but I think that's ridiculous. Why should you not say what you want to achieve?”



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