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Love Letter to UCM’s Curriculum Planners

Love Letter to UCM’s Curriculum Planners

Jesler in Freiburg

My dearest UCM Curriculum Planners,

Forgive me, for I have wronged you.

For two years, I have failed to acknowledge your love for my academic career and your insufferable effort to allow me to take the courses I desire. At times, I have even cursed you, screaming ‘Why UCM? Why have you given me two 8:30’s - one of which on a Monday of all days?’  One long, cold winter, I mourned my usually free Wednesdays - my breath of fresh air in a hazy schedule and oasis of restructuring thoughts and preparing tutorials - that were no longer free but instead filled with skills. Skills!

It is only now that I realise what you mean to me. Now, that I have to plan my own agenda for University College Freiburg. Now, that I have to give 12 options for 5 courses, all of which are not allowed to conflict with each other. Now, that the majority of the courses I desire turn out to be inaccessible to me as they are taught at the very same time.

I have never truly recognised the sweat and tears that are lost on curriculum plans. But my eyes have been opened and I acknowledge my oversight.

So, please forgive me, UCM Curriculum Planners, for all the insults I have directed towards you and accept me back within your circles upon my return to University College Maastricht in a year or more. 

And dear UCMers that are currently cursing and crying about 8:30s and skills: halt at once! Don’t repeat my mistakes. We must end our years of ignorance and realise that we might, after all, already live in the utopia we sing about during Open Mic Nights.

Appreciate the warmth you are now surrounded with while I must be brave and continue my path through bureaucracy and life-altering deadlines (or so they are sold), as when I have been given my courses, only the first battle has been won. I must then sign-up for lectures and seminars (which, apparently, is not a redundancy given I have signed up for the course) as well as exams.

Has UCM prepared me for this maze?

Not even in the slightest.

And, dear UCM Curriculum Planners, I couldn’t be any more grateful that you didn’t.

Sincerely yours,




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