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“You are a picture that you can draw anew every day”

“You are a picture that you can draw anew every day”

Photographer:Fotograaf: Loraine Bodewes

Dress to express

Merlijn van Emmerik (20), third-year student of the Maastricht Science Programme, describes her style as: “diverse, often rather masculine, but then as compensation a very female detail.”


“Almost all my clothes are second-hand. I don't only think that it is a shame that we live in such a disposable society, I also love clothes that have a story. Like a shirt that I took from my father, another shirt from my grandfather, or a coat from my grandmother. She is no longer alive, but her coat is still being worn, I like that. The only tough thing is finding second-hand trousers in my size, but I solve that with a shoelace or something.”

Can't sleep

“I think about my outfit the evening before. Sometimes, I can't sleep if I can't come up with something. I want to keep challenging myself and not revert back to the same clothes. But then it doesn't take much time in the morning. Although there have been times when I was almost late because I kept changing my outfit.”

Takes getting used to

“I ask myself in a shop: can I do anything with this piece of clothing? If so, I buy it. However, I sometimes think afterwards: why on earth did I buy that? I have to get used to it myself, it may take half a year, but then suddenly it is my favourite item. I never look at brand names, I don't care about that. Sometimes, I buy a designer piece by accident, which happened to be in a bag of vintage clothes sold by the kilo. I like to buy my clothes as cheaply as possible, but if I really fall for an expensive item, I will buy it anyway. Then its peas from a can for a week.”


“I study Natural Sciences, most people there don't bother about what they are wearing. I got more reactions at secondary school. It was my goal to elicit reactions. I would put on two different shoes. Now my motivation is different. I do it for myself. You are your own picture that you can draw anew every day.”


“I think colour is very important. It says a lot. The colours in my outfit should match. If I succeed well, it gives a certain sense of satisfaction. When I was still discovering my style, I sometimes wore colour combinations that just weren't right. Then I just didn't feel good the whole day.”


“It started off with shy blue plucks in my hair when I was 14. Since then, my hair has had all the pastel tints of the rainbow. I was a model for a hairdresser’s for a while; I went to shows with them. Then one day, I just shaved it all off. I like it the way it is now, it's nice to see my original hair colour again. I hardly ever use make-up. I think it looks odd on me. My face is fine the way it is.”



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