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The art of caring

The art of caring

Nowadays, it seems like we have to do so many things. We need to have a healthy lifestyle, good grades, enough internships, perfect skin, tons of friends, go out regularly, visit at least a few dozen countries, update our Instagram stories, read enough books and so on and so on…

Time never stops and we feel like not a single minute should be wasted aimlessly. Needless to say, that in practice these expectations often lead to increasing depression, loneliness and anxiety. But why do we then follow these expectations, if they make us so unhappy and sick?  

I recently started to read an interesting book about this topic called The Subtle Art Of Not Giving A F*ck by Mark Manson and suddenly the problem was quite obvious. We care about too many unnecessary things. We know we should not, but we still do it.

It is not a revolutionary discovery that caring about too many unimportant things will increase dissatisfaction. However, it is extremely difficult to decide what is exactly care-worthy and even more difficult to not care about things we unwilling care about.

I would like to remind ourselves that it is okay if something is unperfect. What really matters is whether that something is important. We should always ask ourselves whether that thing we are unsatisfied about is one of our priorities and worthy, for our personal happiness, to be cared about.

Of course, straightening out priorities is exhausting and confusing. The art of knowing what we should care about will probably take a lifetime to figure out. However, I guess it is an art worthy of our daily time and effort if it leads to more actual inner satisfaction. 

Dharaha Thanapalasingham, UCM-student



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