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“I just add colour without care”

“I just add colour without care”

Photographer:Fotograaf: Loraine Bodewes

Dress to express

Paulina Casas (21), first-year UCM student, describes her style as “very girly and colourful”.

Colour everywhere

“I love vibrant colours, I think they go nicely with my skin tone too. I never wear black or white. Most people will keep the rest of their outfit neutral if they are wearing a very colourful item, but I just add colour without care. Not just in my clothes: my jewellery usually contains colour too. Even in my make-up: I like very pink cheeks and a bold lipstick, usually pink or purple.”


“Socks are important. I want them to be long and have a strange print. These have a little bear on them, the ears stick out. I like to wear sneakers because they are so comfortable, but I always keep them very clean so the look stays elegant, not sportive.”


“When I started at UCM, I wanted a backpack because it’s practical, but I also wanted one that fits my style. This one fits the bill perfectly. It’s probably not meant for a university student, but I love it. All my bags are special to me. I don’t have that many, but they all have a story. One used to belong to my grandmother; another was hand-made in Mexico, where I’m from. And of course, they are all very colourful.”


“I’ve always loved fashion. When I was about 8 years old, I bought my first fashion magazine. From then on, I got one every month. That’s how I learned; my family doesn’t care about it at all. Most people in Mexico wear what is trendy, but don’t really have their own style. I used to do that too. I still want to know what’s going on, but when I think about what I want to wear, I think about what I like. Here at university, people are experimenting every day and that makes me more confident to do it too.”


“I can be very perfectionistic about putting an outfit together. Other people may not see it, but it all has an order and a reason. It has to make sense to me.”


“I used to be an impulsive buyer, but since the beginning of this year I try to only buy sustainable clothing. Since that’s very expensive on a student budget, I now just don’t buy anything at all but make do with the things I already have. These jeans for instance, are seven years old.  My sweater is a gift from a friend. It’s from Essential Antwerp, a brand I love. I like the colour and the print. I always want to wear things that other people don’t dare to.”



2019-10-09: marthin casas
Es una chica con mucho estilo, soñadora, emprendedora, tenaz, ama su país, su gente, sus costumbres, sus colores, de pequeña le encantaba usar anillos, pulsera y collares muy coloridos, ella sabe combinar la ropa y accesorios que tiene y siempre lucir bien.

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