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“I wear lots of my mother's and father's clothes from the time when they were in their teens and twenties”

“I wear lots of my mother's and father's clothes from the time when they were in their teens and twenties”

Photographer:Fotograaf: Joey Roberts

Dress to express

Anna Rakas (18), first-year student of European Public Health, describes her style as "masculine with feminine details"

Masculine and feminine

‘I combine two silhouettes: leaning more towards a masculine style with feminine details. For example, a jacket with shoulder pads and a belt around the waist, or a dress with sturdy shoes. Black is my basic colour and it is in all my outfits. In addition, I wear colours that suit my hair and skin colour, such as purple and green tones. You will never see me in neon-coloured animal prints; you may see me in either neon colours or animal prints. I work from one item or colour that is striking and I create the rest of my outfit around that. I keep my make-up neutral: foundation and mascara, or no make-up at all.” 

Young Thug 

“I wear lots of my mother's and father's clothes from the time when they were in their teens and twenties. I love that style from the seventies and eighties, as well as the grunge period in the nineties. I often look at my parents' old photographs for style inspiration. For example, I have a photograph of my mother in which she is wearing a dress combined with bulky sports shoes. The American rapper Young Thug also inspires me. He experiments with cross-gender outfits and sometimes even wears dresses. It looks good on him too. I don't follow trends to be hip, but if I like a trend, I will incorporate it in my style. ”


“When I was a teenager I dressed boyishly with baggy trousers and hooded sweaters, a bit like a skater. Then I became more confident and started to experiment with shapes and materials and to accentuate my body more. I cut my long hair off last year. I was basing my femininity on it too much. I want my outfits to radiate that femininity, like now: leather trousers and a hooded sweater, but combined with a tailored blazer and jewellery. I change my hair colour every couple of months, but I always choose subtle red or purple tones.”


“My accessories are usually simple: a pair of earrings, a bracelet and a watch. Much of my jewellery came from my grandmother and she only wore silver. I am very perfectionistic and won't mix gold and silver. That is why I now only buy silver jewellery and buttons. With conspicuous accessories, like large earrings, I wear a neutral outfit so that the accessories are the eye-catchers.”


“Traders Pop is my favourite shop in Maastricht, especially for inspiration. I prefer to buy my clothes second-hand: I love vintage and I want to alleviate the burden on the environment. Only If there is really no other way, will I go to off-the-rack shops. I shop two to three times a month. I give away clothes that I am tired of, to my sister or to friends, or it is returned to a second-hand shop or donated to a good cause. That way I can buy something new and still respect the environment.”

Sjoertje Vos



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