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“The wrong shoes can ruin your outfit”

“The wrong shoes can ruin your outfit”

Photographer:Fotograaf: Joey Roberts

Leroy Kabangu (Heerlen, 26), third-year student of Law, describes his style as casual with a twist.

That twist is always about one piece of clothing. “I follow a certain style and then I will have one thing that is just a bit different. Striking, bright coloured shoes. Or a bright red hat, like today. I get my inspiration from influencers on social media, such as Daniel Fox. I am proud of how I dress, so I like to show that off on Instagram (@lrykbng).”

The weather
“I only decide in the morning what I will wear that day, after I have looked out the window. Is it sunny? Then I will wear a lot of colour. And on a grey day like today, I wear a dark outfit. I usually start with my trousers; I either choose chinos or jeans. That is a feeling, there is no system to it. I buy trousers everywhere: H&M, Zara, Bershka, even Zeeman if I see something nice there. Coats and shirts, the same thing, it makes no difference, although I do sometimes have a weakness for shirt brands such as Marco Polo or Ralph Lauren.”

“I go to the barber’s every Friday. Mainly to have the sides tidied up. They have to be slick. I always go to Djo the barber. He is good and knows exactly how I want it. Once every two weeks, I have my beard trimmed. That is very important. Six years ago, I grew it for the first time, just to try it out. I never shaved it off after that. People wouldn't recognise me without a beard. I think I would look at least five years younger. I am the lucky one in the family. I have six brothers and none of them have as full a beard as I do. My father only has a good moustache.”

“I don't go in for accessories, although lately I have been thinking of adding watches to my outfits. I sold them for a while at Hudson’s Bay. They can really put the finishing touch to an outfit. I would purely use them as an accessory, I would most likely still use my phone to see what time it is.”

Impulsive and strategic
“When I buy clothes, I go out without a specific aim. I am an impulsive shopper. I walk into certain shops to see what they have. I am also a strategic buyer. I always go to the sale section first. If I feel something is too expensive, I ask when the sale starts. In addition, I have friends who work in a number of shops; I can get family and friend reductions through them. I often look for nice deals online, for example, buy three for the price of two.”

“The wrong shoes can ruin your outfit. I wear sneakers every day. I feel that brands are very important when it comes to shoes, you can't buy copycats. You have to go straight to the source. I wear Nike, Adidas, Filling Pieces, ETQ or Asics, as is the case today. I always wear ankle socks and turn my trouser legs up a little. You can see the sneaker better that way. I do have proper gentlemen shoes, but I only wear them to events like weddings or christenings."



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