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Lassie might come home again

Lassie might come home again

Recently, I decided to accept a job offer from Erasmus University, which means that soon I will be leaving this institution. So, I want to take this opportunity to tell you a bit about some members of FPN family and help you see at least a glimpse of their awesomeness. 

Let’s start with our dean, Anita. When I shared an office with her PhD student, Anita would sneak in and leave a bottle of champagne on her student’s desk whenever she published a manuscript. Another blondie of UM, Harald Merckelbach, who gives FPN a fascinating royal touch, should never be challenged into playing sports. Not only will he win, but he will also be the most enthusiastic person there, leaving some bruises on his opponents. Peter Muris is a serious cyclist, and he recently even started wearing jewellery just so you guys would see him as more hip. Marko Jelicic can learn basic phrases of any language and repeat them to you tirelessly for years. Corine de Ruiter dominates in any outfit colour-coordination and can race any of you and still win. Henry Otgaar might look like a gang member, but is a martial art master with a pussycat tattoo on his chest. Ewout Meijer, despite his oddness, can make a person cry from laughter. Melanie Sauerland is great company - when she drinks. Kim van Oorsouw is a yoga instructor and the coolest person around. Anna Sagana, Glynis Bogaard, and Conny Quaedflieg are extraordinary in providing advice for any situation thrown their way with a smile on their faces. Nina Tupper is very good at Ultimate Frisbee and even considers it a sport. She is American. Katherine Hoogesteyn is a hidden make-up artist, and Sanne Houben can join any bake-off with professional chefs. Lotte Lemmens can make anybody laugh. My favourite way is when she jumps in a crazy manner any time I walk by looking distressed. Fleurie Nievelstein is somehow always genuinely nice, and she is a big fan of heavy metal music. Maarten Peters has a beard that many hipsters can envy, and plays the Alphabet game with me for years, and yet consistently loses. Arie van der Lugt is… obviously awesome. 

And these are just a few faces that you might see in your classrooms, but there are plenty of awesome people on both sides of the teaching curtain that make this place feel like home. But, as my spirit animal is a dog, I guess it is time for me to stray a bit, and, who knows, I might come back. Lassie did.

Irena Boskovic



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