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“Even as a child I wore strange things”

“Even as a child I wore strange things”

Photographer:Fotograaf: Loraine Bodewes

Dress to express

Robin Pocornie (23, Dutch), research master’s student of Cognitive Neurosciences, describes her style as “unexpected, different every day. I also like to push the boundaries between female and androgynous.”

Pink wig

“Even as a child, I wore rather strange things. From the time I was allowed to choose my own clothing, I always wanted them to be just that bit different. At the time, it was a tutu with a work-out shirt on top, I liked to try things out. Now I think: quite ugly. By now I have found the balance. Everything really fell into place when I lived in New York for a year. What had been inside my head all those years, now came out. I think that my style is unexpected. One day I might have on a pretty dress, with nails to match, the next a really cool, way too large pair of jogging pants. I like things to be just a bit different, why not just put on a pink wig.”


“I see make-up as an accessory: It is a nice little extra but not really necessary. Everyone knows what I look like without make-up. But I do like to play with it. I have eyeliners in every colour of the rainbow. The same goes for lipstick, I wear all different colours, not just red or pink, but blue and green as well. When it comes to brands of make-up, I like Nars, Anastacia, Fenty Beauty and NYX. The first three are quite pricey. Actually, more money goes towards that than clothes, certainly if you look at how often I wear it.”


“I have two frames, very different, yet they both suit me and whatever I am wearing very well. I usually wear the glasses I can put my hand on most quickly. I would like to have more, I think it would be fun to alternate, but they are so expensive. Sometimes I wear lenses, either because it is more practical or because I have just done my make-up and the glasses are getting in the way.”


“Everyone feels that I experiment a lot with my hair because I shaved it all off, but I don’t think that about myself. It was a very low threshold. I had done it once before when I was sixteen. After that I let it grow into a huge afro. That all went at the beginning of last year. I really like to have it as short as possible. So that you can just about see hair growing. That is why I shave it every week. I do it myself, yes, it is just the lowest setting on the trimmers, I am not going to spend money on that.”


“I have had my piercing for five years now. I first thought about getting a tattoo, but then I saw this. It is really noticeable when you wear it, but it is actually a very safe piercing. You will never see scar tissue from it. That is good, I know I won’t wear it my whole life.”



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