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On New Year's Resolutions

On New Year's Resolutions

Jesler in Freiburg

Utrecht - Arnhem - Oberhausen - Duisburg - Düsseldorf — I watch the train stations come and go as I go more and more south. As I slowly trade open, green fields with singular trees that somehow seem lost in the landscape for the dark, overpowering black forest. And with every city that I leave behind, my excitement grows. Excitement to get back to Freiburg in this new year 2020 full of new opportunities, new people, and new adventures. But also to a Freiburg full of old (well, rather ‘3-months-old’) friends, insider jokes and already-seized opportunities I want to exploit even more.

This new year’s, like every new year’s, while sipping my Champagne and watching the firework spectacle, I turned to my friends and asked the ultimate question: “What are your new year’s resolutions?”

“I don’t believe in resolutions - I don’t have any.”, the first promptly answered.

“So much is planned already for this year, I don’t have time for resolutions.”, another jokingly added. My third friend zoned out as soon as he heard me say ‘resolutions’.

I turned back to the fireworks, monologuing why I do love making resolutions. Why I believe in making realistic resolutions, having goals in life and actively working towards them. That making resolutions is not about turning your life upside-down or achieving everything you’ve ever wanted in the span of one year, but rather about being aware of what motivates you and where you want to see yourself in one year.

They were mildly impressed.

Köln - Bonn - Frankfurt - Mannheim — 5.5 hours in a train are a long time to reflect.

So, what are my resolutions, then? I want to spend at least one weekend a month hiking through the black forest. I want to spend summer nights at Seepark - a beautiful little park a bit outside Freiburg where everyone meets up in summer. I want to visit old school friends that live close by (or, at least closer than when I lived in Maastricht). I want to get everything out of Freiburg academically that I can and that I came here for. And, most importantly, I want to do everything I do here 100%.

Karlsruhe - Offenburg - Freiburg — No, not want. I will.

Jesler van Houdt




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