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“I realised that I didn’t need to be girly”

“I realised that I didn’t need to be girly”

Photographer:Fotograaf: Loraine Bodewes

Eva Gabrílovíca, 20 year’s old, 2nd year student of Psychology, describes her style as “comfortable and a mix of skate and street wear”.


“Femininity was an important part of my life for a long time. I did ballroom dancing, had long hair and bought girly clothes together with my mom. That actually didn’t suit me at all; I would have preferred to shop in the boy’s department. I started to experiment when I was in secondary school. Three years ago, I realised that I didn’t need to be girly. My style changed radically to skate wear, with wide trousers and loose T-shirts and sweaters. I also cut my hair short.”  


“My outfit has to be practical and depends on my mood. During the week, I don’t go to too much trouble. If I am tired, I choose comfortable clothes and I wear leggings with a large sweater; if I have just come from the gym, I will keep my gym clothes on. Skate wear fits loosely and is comfortable. I can wear that on my longboard (a long skateboard) and on my racing bicycle.  Sometimes, I combine it with accessories, like earrings. I am from Riga and my mother gave me a silver chain with the Latvian symbol for ‘infinity’. I also wear high-heeled shoes and short skirts if I feel in the mood.”  


“I love colour. My shoes are red, purple or blue; I wear everything. It is all about the combination, the same for neutral colours such as black or brown. For special occasions, or sometimes if I am just at home, I will go all out, just for fun, and I will put on extravagant make-up: eye shadow and lipstick in all kinds of colours. Red is my favourite. Sometimes I even put on fake eyelashes or I draw figures around my eyes with eyeliner. I drew spiders at Halloween. In Riga I am no so noticeable with make-up like that, in Maastricht I get strange looks.”     


“The environment is important to me. I avoid fashion chains with disposable clothing such as H&M and Zara and I buy less and more sustainable stuff that lasts longer. I invest in clothes of which I am sure that I will wear often, like the skate brand Rip N Dip. My favourite shop in Maastricht is Traders Pop where they sell clothes from the street culture. I also like to go to second-hand shops. They can be chaotic; but when you find something you really like, that is extra satisfying. This jeans jacket is one of my favourite pieces of clothing and it is second-hand.”  


“I have three tattoos: two on my arms and one on my stomach. I express my feelings in them. The first is an abstract figure with two faces and is a symbol of all the people that are close to me: my family and friends. On my stomach is a skull with a rose as a sign that I need to be a better person. I take better care of my health and I let go of the things that don’t suit me, such as femininity. I had a drawing made of a pine tree for my lower arm. I miss the forests in Latvia and this tree embodies ‘home’ for me.”

Sjoertje Vos



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